The Air Hurts

The Air Hurts - Ryan Ross

Being a doctor by profession, I have been very conscious about my health and the health of my patients. Becoming a doctor was my passion for as long as I can remember, and the dream of my parents. Tragically, when I was 15, my mother passed away due to lung cancer. Unfortunately, it was the second last stage when her cancer got diagnosed, and even after getting all the possible treatment, she was not able to make it.

I was the only daughter of my parents and the death of my mother had affected me to such an extent that I had lost hope in life. Though, life did not stop and my father took much care of me to bring me back to life. He motivated me to look at life from a brighter perspective, and made me understood that death is a natural phenomenon and everyone has to bear it. We are all helpless in that case and nothing can be done regarding that.

His affection had a great impact and I was starting to gain interest in life. However, I had become a totally different person now. Becoming a doctor now became the only wish of mine. I wanted to become a surgeon for treating lung cancer as it was becoming one of the most prevalent diseases in the country. Therefore, I studied with a lot of passion so I could become what I wanted.

Years went by and finally the day of graduation arrived. I had become a doctor, and what now needed to be done was specialization. My father was proud of me and he was very happy as I was headed in the right direction.

However, after the death of my mother, I had searched a lot on lung cancer and came to know that air pollution was one of the major causes which were causing lung cancer. That was the reason that air testing was established so the quality of air breathed could be known. After sometime, I read somewhere about air quality testing Montreal and then I understood why the idea was gaining popularity.

I was glad that people were becoming more aware and had started to take care of their health. It was a great change and I still see people who are health conscious, and I appreciate them. Now, I serve the nation and treat the patients who have lung cancer with great care, because deep down I know how much it hurts!