Doing what you love the most

Doing what you love the most - Ryan Ross

My friend Paul enjoys reading blogs pretty much every day. He reads about different kinds of subjects related to his tastes. These can be in relation to sports, traveling or obviously TV. We were discussing the different service provided in the area of Ottawa. He found out that there are quite a few television provider gatineau. Some people like some companies because they have a VDSL "TV for condos and apartments» service. As far as non-satellite service is concerned it seems that some other companies are the only game in town so they say. Roger for an example offers other things for the Toronto area but not the same kind of services Paul was considering using an antenna but that depends on the location where one lives. In some places one can receive most of the US networks and CBC both in English and French digitally. I have no idea how he can read so much about these kinds of topics which really bore me to death. Instead I would rather read about traveling in new places. Indeed I am looking forward to traveling to Zimbabwe. This is a much unknown place where I shall discover another relation to nature and animals. Since I was a child I have always dreamed of going to Africa. A cousin of mine went there for humanitarian reasons but I never dared to go with him. Instead I carried on preparing my career thanks to very long studies in McGill University. I am happy of that choice because now I make a good living and can decide to go where I want if I want to take some vacations anywhere in the world. On the contrary my cousin can’t do that because he has not such a good salary as mine. I find it is a pity that people with such a beautiful soul earn so very little. On the other hand it is hard to have it all. My father is stocked to the idea of doing what he loved, which he did, working for satellites, but he got stopped in his progress due to his taste for giving his thinking to others. Once the director told him bluntly that his mouth was far too open and that he would end up in a cupboard if he carried on like this. He did not get the promotions he deserved but that did not bother him. If some aim for the top and wish to become « uberwealthy », he chose to be « uberfree ». I find that to be a good choice .