A favor for a friend

A favor for a friend - Ryan Ross

One of the neighbours on our street, rented his house to a young family, and moved down South. They shipped their belongings to Panama and moved there for good. We still keep in touch by email and Skype. To us, Tom and Jane were more than just neighbours, they were our friends. Their children were about the same age as ours. They spent a lot of time together, hanging out either at our place or theirs’s.

They attended different schools but that didn't prevent them to have a great time together.

Although our children grew up and went to college, we still maintained a good relationship. Each second week, we would have a barbecue together, and chat about what happened over the week.

This morning, I received an email from Tom, asking me for a favor. He tried to purchase a cnc cutting tool on Alibaba website, and have it delivered to his new address in Panama City. Unfortunately, he has been told that they didn't ship to Panama. He tried to buy it on a different website, but the price was much higher. The second seller was shipping to Panama, but at an extra cost. Plus he was worried that he would end up paying a lot for the customs, given that it was a new product.

Thus, he asked me if he could have it delivered to my house. He added that he would have another half container shipped to Panama within a few months, and he would send the cutting tool then. He was hoping I could store it inside my garage for a while.

I replied that I didn't mind helping him out. My garage was empty anyway until December. My wife's car was gone, and I didn't need to put my car inside during summer or autumn.  Actually, if I think better, my car has always stayed out, even during winter.

The garage was mostly used by my wife. We kept her car inside because she never liked to drive on snow. She had an accident twelve years ago, that made her stay in a hospital bed for more than two weeks.

Her recovery was very slow and she had to do a lot of physiotherapy in order to get back to normal. Ever since this accident, she gave up driving during the cold long winter. Even after so many years, she still fears the blowing snow and icy road.