Fighting Lyme

Fighting Lyme - Ryan Ross

Lately, I have been under a lot of pressure at work, and I had a hard time dealing with the stress caused by the hectic atmosphere in the office. The management has changed, and now the new guys want to show what they are capable of. Needless to say that most of colleagues are thinking of changing jobs. I would like to leave too, but I can't afford it for the moment. Not with the amount of bills, I have to pay after my wife fell sick.

Besides the issues at work, I try to be strong for my spouse, who is fighting Lyme disease. Before she got sick, I had no idea that Lyme could bring you on a wheel chair. Neither did her! Who the heck knew, that a tick bite could cause so much damage so someone's immune system and not only?

I blame myself daily for taking her in that stupid nature trip, in the Algonquin Park, where she got bitten by a tick. I removed the tick myself from her leg. I blame the idiot doctor who gave her antibiotics for only two weeks, refusing to treat her more. If he would have known himself more on Lyme, maybe we wouldn't find ourselves in this situation. Maybe she would have been better, and none of these horrible things would have happened.

Oh Canada, your health care system sucks big time! How is that possible that doctors fail to give a proper diagnose, when they have all the symptoms present in front of their eyes? How could a doctor refuse to treat a patient motivating that there are no cases of Lyme in Canada?!

How is it possible that we pay taxes so high, and when we ask for help, the door is being shut on our face?

Ever since she got sick, we have seen sixteen specialists, hoping that at least one would help her regain her health, which was going downhill. Within a year, she lost fifty pounds, along with her ability to walk and think clearly. Plus, the burning under the skin which tortures her on a daily base.

When we finally found a Lyme disease literate doctor, we have been told that it would take up to six months until she will see her. Then a miracle happened and there was a cancellation. Thus we are going to see the Lyme specialist in two weeks from now on. I have been warned that she was a bit pricy, but we have no choice. I would spend any cent I own just to see her get better!

Yesterday I saw some awnings montreal, that would match our patio door. It’s a model she liked, and now they were on special. I stopped in front of the shop's window and closed my eyes for a few seconds, remembering the evening when we passed by, and she showed them to me.

That was almost a year and a half ago. It’s incredible how many things changed in such little time!