Hearing the sound of silence

Hearing the sound of silence - Ryan Ross

If I learnt one thing by being parent of three children, that’s to enjoy a moment of silence right away, as soon when you get it. Never assume it will last too long. The possibilities for that moment to reappear in the short future, are very slim. Take it from me, quiet time, silence are scarce in my house. 

This weekend we were supposed to go to Thousand Islands with some friends. Somehow my wife’s schedule changed and we were not able to go anymore. Bummer, because I was looking forward to being on the water. I miss that! Before getting married, I used to spend each weekend on the water. Sailboat, kayak, canoe, you name it. I loved doing them all. As long I was on the water, it did not matter what I was doing.

Thus, since our plans changed from vacation to babysitting, I decided to invite my mother to come over. She has been complaining that she didn’t see the kids in a while and that she was missing them. What better opportunity for her to be present in their life then now? 

My mom and my wife were never on the same page when it came to the kids. That’s because my mom is a control freak and she worries too much. She has a hard time understanding why we allow so many things to the kids. She keeps on reminding us that she used to get me punished for much less. 

Now that my wife was working in car rental mississauga during the weekend, I knew she would not mind my mom’s presence.  She mentioned that she had nothing against her and she was fine with grandma being  part of kids’ life. If it happened for her not to be at home, that was a bonus. 

After I called my mom, I had to go pick her up a few hours later. She lived only twenty minutes drive away from our house. I got the kids ready and went to her house. 

As soon as I got there, she came running outside her house asking if I knew someone doing plumbing. She needed someone urgently to fix the drain in her basement. I asked her to take the kids out to the park, saying I will find someone to take care of it. I handed her the car keys and told her not to worry. 

Once I saw them going, I called the guys that fixed my drainer. Luckily they were able to come within the same day. Actually they came two hours later, which enabled me to enjoy two hours of pure silence.