Just kidding

Just kidding - Ryan Ross

Some people like to compare things and they would go as far as comparing such things as a moving company local and other companies in Quebec. I find it rather silly to compare everything and yet this is a very human reaction. My sister cannot help but comparing just about everything. This really gets on my nerves. The other day she was trying a dress in a store that we often visit since it really is nice and rather well priced. She decided that she had to try 10 dresses. I told her I found it rather silly to try so many kinds of dresses in so many colors and thought that she should pick one style and stick to it. The problem is that she does not know what she wants. She has no idea what suits her best and so she keeps on trying dresses after dresses after dresses …

I understand that the occasion was special since she was preparing for her evening out with her boyfriend on their first Valentine's Day but still I find it ludicrous to spend so much time trying to find a dress; dress which the boyfriend might not even pay attention to. I have noticed that men very often do not remember how we were dressed but rather remember if we get undressed.

There is a joke I like very much about a man who goes to the police station to complain that he lost his wife and his dog simultaneously. When the police ask him to describe the wife and the dog he says this: « my wife I don't know she's middle-aged, rather normal, brown hair, white skin and I am not sure but I think with brown eyes. You want to know about my dog? Oh yeah sure my dog is a golden retriever puppy of four months old. It has a beautiful beige face with dip chocolate eyes. She's a female and she weighs about 25 kg. She really likes running and if you throw something to her she would definitely go to fetch it, unlike others. She's very nice and discreet, loves to play and never complains. What else did you need to know and which one can you find first? If you could start with my dog, it would be really nice of you … If it’s not too much to ask …»