Keeping your truck in place on those tough loading docks

Keeping your truck in place on those tough loading docks - Ryan Ross

For many years, I delivered cargo to this one warehouse on the other side of town. It was a great route, and I loved going over there. The staff was great, and they always had coffee and donuts when I arrived. It was my favorite place on any route that I took.

There was one disadvantage to the warehouse that I disliked. They had a sloped ramp that I backed my truck into whenever I brought my loads. I had delivered to warehouses like this before where they had this kind of sloped ramps, but this one was a little different. The way the dock was built in comparison to how the back of my truck backed up to the dock made the unloading of my truck a bit tricky.

A few times the cargo got damaged because my truck would slide forward ever so slightly, but enough to cause the cargo to slide or even fall off the back before it could be properly secured. A worker even got hurt one time. My truck had even come up with a ding or two on occasion.

One day when I arrived I noticed that they had a new system in place to handle the problem. They had hooked up a truck restraint system to the dock so that when I backed up they immediately locked the back end of my truck to the dock itself. At this point, my truck was incapable of sliding. The slanted ramp no longer mattered. It was totally ideal.

I had never thought of something like this before and wondered why no one had implemented something like this before. It was so perfect, and also so easy to do. It took like 30 seconds to get the clamp connected directly to my rig and make sure that it is was connected properly. No longer could the truck slide forward even the slightest bit. That clamp had defeated gravity.

This was always my favorite stop, and now it is even more so. I can feel confident that no one will be hurt, my cargo will unload safely, and that my truck will not suffer any damage as a result. It's a great feeling. Also, I think the donuts they got were from a new place because even they taste better. What a brilliant way to make my job even better.