Ladder Calamities

Ladder Calamities - Ryan Ross

I consider myself something of a handy person around the house, even if I do say so myself. If there is a problem I am more likely than not going to be able to fix it, and if I can’t I’m certainly going to give it a try before I cave and call in some help. Unfortunately for me it appears that, after my latest accident, I’m probably going to have to call in some paving contractors Edmonton if I’m ever going to do any work on my roof again.

The problem started a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that some of the guttering had come lose from the side of the house. Being the adventurous sort, I decided that I could scale up to the rood to find out what the problem was and hopefully fix it while I was up there.

I grabbed my ladders out of the garage and headed out onto the front drive. I had never noticed how cracked and uneven the paving was on that drive until I found myself trying to balance a set of ladders on it. It was right about then that I first though I could do with contacting some paving contractors to come and have a look at it, but I soldiered on regardless.

After a little jostling with the ladder I managed to get it into a position where I thought it would remain stable as I started my climb. I got up the ladder absolutely fine and was on the roof in no time at all. The problem came when I took that final step, only to hear the ladder go crashing down onto the drive below me. It was right around then that I really began cursing myself out for never having noticed the state of the paving. I should have had contractors checking that drive out months ago.

Unfortunately, this meant that I was stuck on the roof for a little while. The worst of it was that I couldn’t even fix the problem with the guttering while I was up there because I didn’t have the right tools with me. My other half eventually showed up and held the ladder up for me to get back down. As I finally got back on the floor she suggested that it was maybe time to call some paving contractors, so I guess I know what my next task will be.