Lunch with friends

Lunch with friends - Ryan Ross

This morning I wanted to surprise my parents with a quick unannounced visit. It turned out that the surprise was for me, as they were not home. As I was in their area, I wished to drop by and say hi for a few minutes. When I got at their place, I knocked on the door but no one answered. I imagined they were still asleep, as it was still early. Quarter to 8 A.M.

Seeing that they don’t open the door, I decided to call them. I took my phone out of my jacket’s pocket and dialed her number. A few rings and mom answered. Her voice told me that she was not sleeping. She sounded as if she was awake for a while. I asked her where was she. I added that I was standing in front of their door.

She replied saying that dad had an appointment to have hisdental prosthesis done, and they went together. She joined him because she didn't want him to drive alone through the snow.

She apologized for not being home. She continued saying that she was missing me and wished to see me.

That’s when I came up with the idea of meeting them for lunch later on, somewhere in West Island. I had to go see my former employer and it was on my way. She agreed and hang up the call.

Once I placed my phone back in my pocket, I turned around and walked all the way to the car. The snow kept on falling for a few more hours, which made me spend more time on the road, running my errands.

Close to noon, I remembered that I was supposed to meet my parents in West Island, thus I headed directly to my former office, hoping that I will have my papers signed without waiting too long in there for two reasons. First, there were some colleagues that I did not wish to ran into; second, I did not want to be late for lunch and make my parents wait.

That’s because my dad gets very fussy if he is not taking his meds on time. He needs to take his meds with food, which means he needs to eat at the same time each day.

Luckily everything went smoothly and I made it on time to the restaurant. Actually I got there before my parents arrived.