The pho

The pho - Ryan Ross

After spending half of day going through different offers of Security solution firm GTA, I decided to take off for the rest of the day. I felt tired and because I was coming down with a cold, I imagined that I would definitely feel better at home. Make myself some chicken soup, have some tea and sleep. I still did not recover fully after I had my surgery. 

Legally I was supposed to be in medical leave for another week, but I had to go the office to replace my colleague. I thought I would be fine to stay there the entire day but I was wrong. My body was still weak and I couldn’t do all the things I needed to take care of. Thus I took some files home, hoping that tomorrow I would be feeling better and I’d be able to have a look at them. It was a bit presumptuous of me, but what the heck?! Better to give it a try instead of letting them collecting dust on my colleague’s desk. He will return only on the 27th, which is almost two weeks from now on.

As soon as I got home, I went straight to the kitchen, searching through my cabinets for a soup package. Whenever I am sick, I don’t waste any of my energy on cooking or doing dishes. I take an instant soup, throw it in the microwave, cook it for a few minute and voilà! Soup is served! I don’t even have to wash the cup. It goes straight to the trash bin. 

To my surprise, I had no more packages of soup. Since I had no strength nor the will to go out of the house again to a grocery shop, I decided to order something over the phone. There was a Vietnamese restaurant, not far from my place, that was doing deliveries as well. I could not remember its name but I knew the name of the street. That helped me find it online and get their phone number. 

I placed my order and fifteen minutes later I was already savouring a delicious pho, meant to make me feel better and send me to sleep. I was happy that I had chosen to get a large portion. It was perfect for me. 

Once I finished my pho, I went straight to bed. The soup made me feel sleepy. I crashed on my bed and woke up the following day. I did not even hear the cat trying to get out of the room.