The preacher

The preacher - Ryan Ross

Whenever I take the metro in order to go to work, I am amazed by the things people do in the metro. I am also surprised by the amount of crap published in the two free newspapers. You would not believe the things people advertise for. What is also puzzling me is the readers’ reaction to some of these ads.

This morning I had a first row seat to an incredible performance. A man within his forties, wearing a long winter jacket, decided to give a sermon to the other passengers. The main focus of his sermon was touching a controversial subject: private mortgage brokers.

I could not tell if he was a homeless person or not. He appeared to be well dressed, clean and groomed. But his dreadlocks made me think somehow that there was something about him that I was not getting yet.

While he was going on preaching the dangers of borrowing money, he seemed to completely ignore his audience’s reaction. He did not care that some passengers were laughing at him, nor that someone had told him bluntly to shut up. He continued his speech. He had a message to convey, no matter what.

He rode the metro from the Charlevoix station until Berri UQAM, where he got of the metro train and disappear into the crowd. I followed him with my eyes as long as I could, until the metro doors closed and the train started to move.

Later on during the day, when my colleague finally showed up at the office, he told me that his mortgage loan had been approved. He was quite happy about it. His words made me think of the metro preacher I had listened to in the morning. It made me smile.

I congratulated my colleague and told him I was looking forward to the welcoming party. I volunteered to be in charge of the barbecue. I loved doing barbecue, even that involved being outside in the snow. As long as I had a drink on my hand to help me warm up, I was fine.

On my way back home, I had the surprise to see once more the same preacher. I first noted his dreadlocks. That’s what caught my eyes. This time, he was seated and looking through the window peacefully. He almost looked as if he was meditating. Probably the eight hours of work (in case he was working) drained him and he had no more energy for another sermon.