Waterproofing The Roof

Waterproofing The Roof - Ryan Ross

Well I learned something today. I'd always thought that asphalt was that stuff used for roads and the like; and it is, but today I also found out that a version of asphalt can also be used to waterproof a flat roof.

Why have I learned this you're wondering? Well I've just moved into my new house and it has an extension that has a flat roof. Unfortunately whatever work was done to make the extension waterproof clearly didn't do the trick and I found out after particularly heavy rain last night that some moisture seeps through and there are a couple of leaks that give the entire room something of a damp smell. That's something that was never elaborated on by the estate agent I can tell you that much.

Still, after a bit of research I've found that it's really not all that much of a problem. The house seems to be in good condition besides so it won't trouble the budget too much to have somebody come out and give the roof a new coating of asphalt to make sure it becomes waterproof again.

The trouble I have had so far is finding a company that can actually do it for us. Searching for companies that provide asphalt contractors Edmonton has mostly just produced construction companies and people who can come and sort out the driveway, which may actually be something that I consider in the future. Finding somebody who can use asphalt in the context of a flat roof has proven to be perhaps a little bit more problematic.

Don't get me wrong, I have found a couple of companies that have some potential. I was using the wrong search terms in all fairness, as I found a few people as soon as I started looking for roofing companies rather than asphalt companies. I'll be spending the next couple of weeks calling around and doing some research online to see if I can find any feedback on those companies that I have in mind. I can get a collection of quotes and I'll also try to find out approximately how much a job like mine should cost so that I can ensure I'm getting a fair deal. All that remains now is to hope that it doesn't rain too heavily between now and the time that we can get it fixed.