The wisdom tooth

The wisdom tooth - Ryan Ross

This evening I had a dental appointment. One of my wisdom teeth started to bother me a few days back. I went to see my dentist and check what was going on. I feared I had to change the filling or that I got new cavities. But it wasn’t that. The dentist checked me and at the end of the examination, he told me that the tooth had to be removed. 

He recommended me the services of one of his colleagues and friends, a dental surgeon. He gave me his phone number. He also suggested that I should take an appointment with him as soon as possible, which I did. Before stepping out of the dental office, I called the number and booked an appointment for the following week. The only opening he had it was on Friday. I wished it would have been earlier during the week, but since it was not possible, I settled for Friday.

Once I walked out of the clinic and headed towards the bus stop, it started to snow. It was beautiful. The big snowflakes dancing through the air made everything seem like an image from a fairy tale.

As the sidewalk was turning white under the heavy snow, I realized that my feet were cold. No wonder, since I was wearing my Ugg boots which got wet. I wasn’t prepared for snow. When I left the house, it was dry outside. Luckily I was not far from the Montmorency metro station when that happened. It was right across the street.

I took out my metro Opus card and passed through the checkpoint. While I was staying on the left side of the escalators, I was looking at the two men standing in front of me. They were wearing suits and black elegant coats, like the office crowds. They must have been in their early fifties, both of them. By their looks, I imagined that they were not expecting to have snow either, as they were wearing shoes instead of boots.

When the metro arrived, they took a seat, right behind me. I was able to hear their entire conversation. They were talking about the financial projections Lavaland some other financial topics that I could not follow. I mean, I could have, but I did not want to. It was boring as hell. I would have rather read something, but I had just finished my novel in the morning, on the way to work.